Transition IQMF


5 Years of Diversity in Queer Cinema

Dear film lovers, dear supporters,

First of all: Thank you! Thank you for your continued support, which enables us to make the TRANSITION film festival bigger, more diverse and more meaningful year after year. What started out as three ‘queer migrant film days’ in 2012 has grown into a community-driven, nine-day film festival – with some events already spreading to places outside of Austria.

In a time of international crises and wars, a political shift to the right throughout Europe, and ever-rising everyday racism, it is particularly important for us to increase the visibility of minorities within the LGBTIQ community, as well as to increase their – our – self-confidence, by having an open dialogue marked by mutual respect. After all, queer minorities are those most often affected by discrimination and marginalisation in society at large.

Against this background, there can be little doubt about the importance of a queer minorities film festival. This year, you will be able to enjoy quality films and side events in three cinemas (the Schikaneder cinema, Topkino cinema, and Urania cinema) over nine days (10 to 18 November 2016). Choosing this year’s films was as difficult a task as ever, but we are confident that we have managed to assemble a mix that does justice to various minorities in the LGBTIQ community. The range of topics reaches from refugees and rainbow families to sexuality & disability, HIV-AIDS and queer porn.

Together, let us send a strong signal for diversity and for living and growing together in the LGBTIQ world. We are looking forward to a colourful, respectful and exciting TRANSITION 2016!

Yavuz Kurtulmus

Festival Director