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Transition IQMF

Guests 2016

  • Cecile Balbous (Queer Base)

    Queer Base

    Queer Base – Welcome and Support for LGBTIQ Refugees is an organisation by people with and without experiences of displacement that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual refugees during and after their asylum procedure.

  • Giovanna Carla Balestra

    Giovanna Carla Balestra

    Giovanna Carla Balestra was born in Italy and grew up in the lush of Venetian countryside – in Bassano del Grappa, 60 km from Venice. She was educated to inherit the family business in the jewellery industry, became a gemmologist, and worked as gem dealer and jewellery designer for 15 years in the international market.

    When in 1996, her 3-year old niece had Clitoral Awareness, everybody in the family was pretty shocked, and Giovanna Carla was accused by her own sister to be a child molester / child predator / ‘child clitoris instructor’ – because she is a survivor of rape and kidnapping in 1980, because she collects erotic Asian art, and because she is a queer person. Not having any history of paedophile behaviour nor attraction, Giovanna Carla, at the age of 36, wanted to clear herself from the finger pointing in the family and proceeded to interview all female members of her own family with this question: ‘At what age and on which occasion did you develop Clitoris Awareness?’

    Giovanna Carla experienced/discovered the deepest abyss of sexual ignorance, in which her own family was living. Considering the fact that her family was made up primarily of females, Giovanna Carla had to take action. Her findings about her own family absent / distorted / Catholically filtered sexual education pushed her to interview more women of her own circle of female friends with the same two simple questions.

    The stories she collected, first only verbally, then with a pencil in her hands, then with a camera, were amazing, unimaginable, unexpected, never heard before. She knew she had material for a fun documentary! Living in Berlin facilitated her mission. In fact, during October 2013, three different events about sexuality were to take place in town. So after hiring a camera woman and getting accreditation to these 3 events, she put together one hour of amazing, never heard before stories about Clitoral Awareness.

    Clitorissima’s message is meant to inspire young mothers to talk to their pre-schooler daughters about the clitoris and Clitoris Awareness at least as much as mothers talk about sex with boys. Giovanna Carla thought about using animated art media to integrate her filmed material and went on a quest to find the best female animated art artist. Finally, she met Sara Koppel by viewing Koppel’s film ‘Naked Love’.

  • Maria Binder

    Maria Binder

    Maria Binder works as a documentary film maker and human rights activist. She develops concepts for education and training programmes and cultural events in Turkey and Germany.  Her focus is on women rights and trans*rights.  She studied sociology and video arts at the Free University Berlin and the University of Arts in Berlin (diploma).

    • 2016 – ‘Wrenegade’ (in production)
    • 2015 – ‘Trans *BUT – Fragments of Identity’
    • 2014 – ‘Trans X Istanbul’
    • 2006 – ‘Who are you to speak?’,  with Verena Franke
    • 1997 – ‘Hope in My Heart, Oral Poetry by May Ayim’
    • 1996 – ‘Women’s Prison Barnim Street. 1933–1945’, with Krekeler/Fliegel/Gelieu
  • Laurie Colson

    Laurie Colson is a film director and author. She has produced, among others, award-winning short films for Tarantula Belgium. She has also worked as a set designer on full-length films produced in Belgium and abroad for the last 15 years.

  • Klemens Fischer

    Klemens Fischer

    Klemens Fischer is a Viennese graphics designer and musician who trusts in the power of his heart. He is not only a supporter of the creative fillip but also a good friend to Elisabeth, Khusen and Komil. He attends the TRANSITION film festival on behalf of Elisabeth Marek.

    The creative fillip aims to provide socially disadvantaged people with the opportunity to express themselves. In creative workshops, they work with different materials and discover their own creative potential. This creates a mental time-out that allows them to break out of their everyday lives and gain positive experiences, more self-confidence and acceptance. Creativity functions as a bridge between cultures and opens the door to everyone’s own hidden potential. The creative fillip provides a space for trust, courage, and people’s personal thoughts and feelings.

  • Ali Ha

    Ali Ha

    Ali Ha is 27 years old and from Iraq. He grew up in Basrah, and received his degree in chemistry in 2013. In 2015, he fled to Austria.

  • Manuela Kay

    Manuela Kay

    Manuela Kay works as a journalist and publisher in Berlin. She co-runs Special Media SDL, which publishes the magazines ‘Siegessäule’ (a queer city magazine for Berlin) and ‘L-MAG’ (a magazine for lesbians). Additionally, since its inception in 2003, she has been editor-in-chief of ‘L-MAG’. Kay was a long-standing member of the Berlinale Festival. For ten years now, she has been co-curator and co-organiser of the Berlin Porn Film Festival. In her capacity as an author, she has edited, among other works, the guidebook ‘Schöner Kommen’ (‘Coming better’) and the film guide ‘Out im Kino’ (‘Out on the screen / in the cinema’). Kay is an obvious and avowed clichéd butch bull dyke – she has had a classic short haircut since she was 5 years old (with brief interruptions); wears leather jackets, jeans, heavy boots, and plaid shirts; likes to ride big motorcycles or pick-up trucks; enjoys smoking cigars; and drinks beer.

  • Khusen Khaydarov

    Khusen Khaydarov

    Khusen Khaydarov is fashion designer who has issued several collections in Tajikistan. He and his boyfriend Komil were forced to leave Tajikistan in order to stay alive. Khusen held his first fashion show in Austria on 10 March. He is also involved in various other activities related to fashion, and is currently preparing his second collection.

  • Ebru Kırancı

    Ebru Kırancı

    photo by Maria Binder

    Ebru Kırancı works as a human rights activist with a focus on trans* gender rights. She is the chair lady of ‘Istanbul LGBTI’. She counsels trans* people and implements projects about LGBTIQ rights. Within the last 25 years, she has co-founded several civil rights and human rights initiatives and initiated and implemented a great number of human rights activities, e.g. the Trans*Pride March in Istanbul, ‘we need a law’, a campaign against hate crimes, and Trans*Home. Since 2015, she has been studying law in Istanbul.

  • Axelle Le Dauphin

    Axelle Le Dauphin

    Axelle Le Dauphin has always worked in various areas, exploring different experiences and different media – press, photography, fashion, … Her interest for working in the field and her artistic sensitivity have pushed her towards film activities, such as collaborating with Laurie Colson.

  • Mohamed Nour Metwally

    Mohamed Nour Metwally

    Mohamed Nour Metwally is an Egyptian film director who studied film directing at studio Galal in Cairo, then moved to Lebanon in early 2013. An activist by nature, and having witnessed many acts of discrimination against vulnerable groups, Mohamed decided to found the ‘1morecup Media Organization’ as a social initiative, after having assessed the needs of civil society in Lebanon. He believes that education should be a service provided to everyone regardless of their nationality/-ies, gender identity, gender orientation and disability/-ies. Since in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), as in many other places, art majors are considered a minor form of education that do not lead to a stable career, he started, through the ‘1morecup’ organisation, to provide media and information literacy for people unable to afford film education. This service aims to provide opportunities and basic film making skills.

  • Saadat Munir

    Saadat Munir

    Creative Director, AKS Film, Art and Dialogue festival for minorities (Pakistan and Denmark)

    Saadat Munir was born into the dichotomy of European and Asian culture. From childhood, he was blessed with the opportunity to experience both cultures equally, having been raised in Denmark by his Pakistani parents. His love of culture grew and led him to become fluent in five languages while receiving a degree in Communications from South Denmark University. Munir runs Madari Films, a production company that focuses on realistic cinema. In his short time as a filmmaker, Munir has been awarded several honours for his work and has recently been an official Talent at Berlinale 2015. Apart from film production, he is an experienced film curator/programmer, critic and has also served as jurist at various national and international film festivals. Presently, Munir curates a bi-national film and dialogue festival for minorities and marginalized communities that illuminate socio-political aspects of people that are transgender, queer, and/or POC (people of colour) living in Pakistan and Denmark.

  • Kristian Petersen

    Kristian Petersen

    Kristian Petersen studied Free Art with Birgit Hein and Marina Abramović. Since 2003, he has been teaching experimental and documentary film, including at the Free University Berlin and the Braunschweig University of Art. His ‘Fucking Different’ films question the gender binary and were shown at numerous international film festivals, including the Berlinale and the Rio International Film Festival. Since 2009, he has been working as curator and host at various film and music festivals.

  • Komil Radzhabov

    Komil Radjabov

    Komil Radjabov is an LGBTIQ activist and gay refugee from Tajikistan who has sought asylum in Austria with together his boyfriend Khusen. In Austria, he is involved in various LGBTIQ rights activities and plans to implement a number of projects for the support of LGBTIQ refugees.