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Transition IQMF


For more than 100 years, film has played a defining role in the artistic and cultural arena. It has been used to not only entertain but also to tell stories of our past, shed light on our present struggles and envisage our hopes for the future.

The cinematic experience connects filmmakers and audiences to broaden perspectives, increase visibility and spread awareness. Unlike any other medium, the language of film is far-reaching, powerful and best suited to showcase the challenges people encounter when they are different to the norm.

TRANSITION showcases the diversity of LGBTIQ minorities. Through lectures, workshops and film, we aim to increase visibility, promote intersectionality and create platforms to engage in dialogue about topics such as migration, refugees, dis/ability, trans*, people of colour, intersexuality and much more. We are harnessing the potential of film to bolster visibility and raise awareness of these issues. TRANSITION has been an important part of the queer film community in Austria for five years. In addition to our main film festival in Vienna, we remain the only queer film event that also takes place in the Austrian cities of Graz, Innsbruck and Salzburg.

We want to provide a positive space for story telling, increased dialogue and networking. Classic and contemporary films; shorts and feature-length; celebrated filmmakers and industry newcomers; local and international guests come together to celebrate the diverse nature of being queer. This year, we are forging ahead to create a more inclusive and accepting space, to break free from stereotypes and being acknowledged. Queer cinema is in TRANSITION, and so are all of us.


Every year, a team consisting of dedicated local and international film experts, media and arts professionals, as well as many student volunteers contributes to the success of the organisation of TRANSITION.

In its first three years,TRANSITION was organised by MiGaY, the Austrian association for the integration and support of homosexual migrants. But with the growth of the festival, a separate dedicated entity was required in order to facilitate the necessary logistical operations. Out of this need, the Cinema Arts association was born, which is proud to be the organisation behind the festival. MiGaY remains an integral stakeholder in contributing to the festival’s events and programme using their years of expertise in the area of queer minority groups.

Since TRANSITION began, the organisation team has ensured that the festival effectively co-operates and works together with the queer community, numerous renowned local and international cultural institutions, as well as diplomatic missions and universities. This has led TRANSITION to become a truly engaged community event, one that is not simply about showcasing films, but also about reaching out to people.